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The One Tree Hill Season Finale!

This Saturday I watched the season finale of One Tree Hill on You Tube (Because it's not aired here yet!)

Now I want to give my review of the episode.

Spoilers Ahead Folks!

The Season Finale featured the aftermaths of the Graduation, and started with a beautiful montage of scenes, with no dialog. Among other things Haley was taken to the hospital to give birth to her baby boy James Lucas Scott (Love that name *sqee*)! BTW Am I the only one to find it totally hilarious that the two babies were named Lily and James? Like Harry Potter's parents...

We also saw, among other things, Keith in Karen's dreamworld or heaven or whatever it was, Dan turning himself in, Brooke and Chase having sex, Deb being a "fun grandmother" LOL, the return of Rachel and a hilarious Spice Girls dance performed by the Tree Hill girls!

The episode wasn't exactly action packed or anything. It actually has a very slow pace, which was nice, because even though the show will a least be back for a fifth season (can't wait!!!) it was sort of THE END OF AN ERA!!! They finished high school and (almost everyone was going their separate ways. The ep. had a sort of bittersweet, melancholic feel to it. But in the end you felt happy, and it was happy tears running down my cheeks after wards.

I have forgotten most of the stuff I wanted to say, so I just want to finish off with saying that this season finale rocked and it was everything I had hoped for and more! This season has been SO GOOD! and I can't wait for the fifth! I hope it will be even better!!!


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