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Procrastination / Thoughts on TV

 September is the month of television season premieres and pilots. Being a TV addict I have spent many hours watching these. Below the cut are some thoughts on the various shows I follow



Love, love, love! I loved the setup, the flashbacks, Tony's narrative, and the end scene, albeit cheesy, made me cry. And I'm really glad they only spent one episode on this (even though it could easily have been a two-hour season finale) I just wanted the team back together again, so they can do what they do best :)


One Tree Hill:

I was pleasantly surprised with the two episodes that I've watched so far. My expectations have been lowered a great deal these past two seasons, and season 7 is in no way up to par with seasons 1-4,  but I am liking most of the new characters, and glad to see Julian as a series regular. The "Nathan is a man-whore"-plot has gotten really old and I'm so tired of them putting a strain on Naley's marriage. I get that they need the drama to keep the show going, but then at least let Haley be the one who falls for someone, or does something questionable. I love Haley, that's not the problem at all! I'm just SO tired of it always being Nathan's fault, because we established seasons ago that he's a good guy and would never seriously cheat on Haley. 

I was surprised that Skills is still on the show, since he was arrested and all that. I bet the 'who's going to win the apartment'-game is a way to write him out of the show in the end.

All in all I'll keep watching and maybe look away whenever Dan's on, because he has unfortunately become redundant to me. He was a very interesting character, but now he just makes me want to scream "Just die already!"



The season premiere was really interesting, and after watching Epitaph One (the unaired 13th episode of season 1), my investment in the show has been renewed. As I've said before the show has always kept me watching but never with my hands in the air. This season may just do it for me. 

BTW I screamed out loud when I saw Alexis Denisoff :D Love seeing old Buffy alumni! 



I didn't watch the entire last season and I haven't seen the season finale, but heard about it and decided to see where they where going to take the story. I will watch the last season at some point, but right now I just don't have the time. Anyway, the two-hour season premiere was awesome! We got pretty much everything: great music, great in-depth looks into House's mind, shocking pivotal scene, funny 'House is being mean'-scene AND House RAPPING!!! That scene just killed me!

In the end House was released from the place, although I don't quite believe he is completely cured. Maybe he will continue to see the doctor??



MY BOYS!!! This show breaks my heart and I am scared because I have no idea where the story is going. Will we see an epic battle between Michael and Lucifer with Dean and Sam as puppets? I can't see how they be able to resist them in the end. At least not poor Puppy Sam, who is just holding onto his sanity and humanity by his nails. And Dean is not doing much better, he might think that things are better without Sam, but we all know these boys need to be together!


Big Bang Theory:

Made me laugh and squee as always! Can this show get any better? 


I made a post a while ago on The Vampire Diaries, which I have completely given up on now. I watched the second episode and now I hardly remember what happened! 


How I Met Your Mother:

I didn't watch the past season either. I'm really far behind on HIMYM (I'm on season 2), but I heard funny things about the season premiere, so had to check it out, and it was very funny :) I don't get how people can hate Ted! Granted he not as outrageously funny as Barney or Marshall, but that just makes him the cool down-to-earth guy that you would want to be with in real life...



Just discovered this show because Tyler Hilton recommended it on his twitter, and it is just a delightfully cheery high school show with awesome music, and awesome characters! Go watch it now!


Next week I'll watch the premieres of Dexter and FlashForward (yes I know it aired this week, but time's an issue for me here).


In real life:

- I turned 19 :D No big hoopla or anything. Got a microwave oven from my mom, which was much needed and henceforth my daily meals will consist of anything microwaveable, mostly pre-cooked 'single-meals' ;)

- I had a small birthday party for some of my friends and now my toilet is clogged! These apartments are really made for just one person!! I've been holding my 'fluids' etc. in all day and a while ago I just couldn't hold it in any longer, so I went over to my neighbor to borrow hers. So embarrassing! But what are you gonna do! I'm dreading tomorrow, when I'll have to call the landlord and have him come over to fix it.

- Otherwise my apartment is almost done the way I want it. I just need a table for the microwave, which I have already bought and sent to my uncle so he can put it together ;) And then I need to put something up on the very very white and bare walls!

- I am still madly in love with my MacBook, not so much with my mobile modem, which is losing connection the whole freaking time!!! ARGH!

- School sucks atm. We have a stupid psychology project on kids and parenting, which only further scares me away from ever having kids EVER! and we have to write a synopsis and nobody is very motivated to do it, Especially not me!! We also have a social studies assignment due wednesday, and I haven't even started yet. I was supposed to do it today, but that didn't happen :O

- Good news: My cold is almost gone, now I'll just have to endure the obligatory cough for the next week. 

- Really good news: October 11th I'm going to London and I can't wait!! It's gonna be so awesome!! And we got tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera!! *squee*



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