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Thoughts on the Vampire Diaries


I'm not really looking for more tv shows at the moment, since I have plenty on my plate already, and ANOTHER vampire show/movie/book/whatever is really uncalled for in these Twilight times. True Blood managed to get it right, but I had not heard good things about Vampire Diaries. Nonetheless I watched the pilot, to satisfy my curiosity and for Ian Somerhalder. Let me say immediately that I was not impressed. My full review is cut for spoilers



For starters this show is just one massive jumble of vampire story clichés.


- High school girl falls in love with vampire

Previously seen in: Twilight


- High school girl lost her parents in a car crash, and has a douchey brother

Previously seen in: True Blood


- Vampire is able to walk in the sunlight

Previously seen in: Twilight

Although the part with the ring, threw me off. I admit that was a cool detail, albeit a bit "Green Lantern"


- Vampire was around during the Civil War

Previously seen in: True Blood


- Vampire is a 'vegetarian'

Previously seen in: Twilight, the Vampire Chronicles and partially True Blood


- The car hitting a person who turns out to be a vampire, who then kills you-trick

Previously seen in: Supernatural

I totally called that one from the beginning


The actors/characters:

I sort of like Elena, she is pretty in a not-too-obvious kind of way


Stefan was totally Damian from 8 simple rules, rofl! "No that's wide, if I went deep, you couldn't find me!"


I cannot get over how crooked Bonnie's eyes are! She looks like a Picasso painting! And the psychic thing is just ridiculous!


Why is Ian Somerhalder not pretty anymore. There is something completely wrong with the way he looks.. 


The rest of the people are just bleh, nothing noteworthy…


The plot:

As I said before, most of it consists of clichés. The part with Elena looking exactly like Stefan's long lost love is L-A-M-E! And I don't see how she is going to end up falling for Damon at all! Isn't one relationship with a supernatural creature enough. Besides the love-triangle thing has already been done in Buffy and Twilight. 


It's funny how they are always trying to reinvent the way vampires look. Buffy had the weird frowning thing, Twilight has the golden eyes, ~sparkling~ skin and no fangs whatsoever, True Blood went with the simple fangs, and VD has the creepy veins and dark eyes. I'm not sure how I feel about VD's take on the vampire look, but I guess it's better than ~sparkles~.


The music is just too loud, obnoxious, over-dramatic, and not fitting at all! As a classic OTH fan I can not condone the abuse of music!


All in all, I was not impressed. I'll watch the next episode, but if things don't heat up, I'll abandon this faster than it takes to say Bram Stoker.




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