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Another random post

 Now I actually can't remember what I wanted to say, so I'll just wing it...

- Vacation messes up my sleep pattern and makes me unproductive
I have a little under a month left of it and I have done NOTHING!

- My Dad is going to give me a Macbook for my birthday :D I've wanted a Mac for years and could never afford it, but I accidentally have the best parents in the world!! I told him I wanted to buy one when I go to London in October, but then he got all "Well it won't have a danish keyboard, and all the software will be in english bla bla bla" and now he wants to buy me one!! Couldn't be at a better time because I'm pretty much ready to through my current laptop (a Toshiba Satellite) out of the window or off a cliff! I don't know if it's because of Vista or the laptop but nothing seems to be working!
My only problem with the Mac is that there is no OneNote. OneNote kept me same during this hectic school year and I'm told there is really no good Mac equivalent to it, so I'm going to keep taking the Toshiba with me to school at least during this last year of 'high school'.
But still I'M GOING TO GET A MAC!!!
I've been doing all sorts of research about switching and there's still over two months until my birthday. I'll be a Mac expert by September lol

- As always I am follow the Tour de France this year, and was horrified by today's death accident. My condolences to the poor woman's family, may she rest in peace. 

- Walter Cronkite died. I actually only knew him from Bruce Almighty, but RIP to him too.

Actually my thoughts go out to everyone who has lost someone lately (or ever). Death is hard, and people like Michael Jackson get all hyped up, while we forget the little ones who deserves just as much love. To every soldier, every victim of a crime, accident, natural disaster or disease, the victims of the Madonna stage collapse, and the terrorist attacks in Jakarta. I may not know your names, but I'm thinking about you every day.

- On a happier note, one of my former class mates from the Faroe Islands got married today. A big congratulations to her :) May your love and happiness last forever 

- I really really want to see Harry Potter, but as long as I'm in the Faroes I can't!! I'm going home this wednesday and expect to go see the film one of the following day as in ASAP!!

- I bought new Staedtler Pens :) Hello purple!

- I miss my shows. I hate summer hiatuses! And I'll even have to wait until january for LOST :( I know it'll be worth it though! My friend and I are going to rewatch seasons 1-5 before the start of season 6. 

- I have way too many icons! 184 is just too much! But I can't delete any of my babies...

- I know I have been neglecting livsinstonleik and I'm really sorry for that. I have so much great music (over 9000 songs now) but I can never seem to find the time to do a decent post there, which is stupid because I have all the time in the world right now. I'm thinking about doing a mix, but again time and maybe concentration is an issue.

- Same thing goes for my X-Men fanfic "Dark Dawn" which I haven't touched since last summer or something. I feel so bad for all the readers who have been waiting patiently with no result. I doubt I'll ever finish the story, but I haven't dropped it just yet. Maybe the Mac will boost my creativity ;)

End of ramble for now. Maybe I'll come back later when I remember what I initially wanted to say


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