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Meaningful months meme

Taken from jokke :)

Go back in your LJ and post the first meaningful sentence or two from each month

> January
I hate my teachers and shall we say 'mildly dislike' my new class... My new music teacher managed to kill the entire beauty and poetry about music with a single lesson. This has a lot to do with the classmates as well, as teaching a lesson always goes two ways.
Haha, I've grown to love (most of) my teachers and the classmates too since then, not the music teacher though. I'm so glad we got another teacher :)

> February
This year my friend has a boyfriend and I'm still alone. But that's okay. I'm good at being alone and I'm happy for her.
The post was about Valentine's Day. She still has her boyfriend, and I'm still alone - and happy. I've come to a point where I don't mind ending up alone like House...

> March

Where is the love?
Why do people kill other people in such malignant cold ways? Why do people kill at all?
I still ask myself those questions.

> April
God I hate April Fool's Day!! I mean why on earth dedicate a day to tricking people?!?!
Still true...

> May
I have no life...
That is also still true. I have so little life that the sentence above was the most meaningful I wrote in the entire month of May!!

> June
Who else thinks '40 days and 40 nights' was a chick flick?
LOL, I really had nothing to say that month!

> July
I just booked 4 tickets to the local premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT!!!!
Good times :) Now I have it on DVD

> August
Been focusing a lot on school - because I promised myself that I would improve my grades from last year - and it's really taking all of my energy, so I won't be around much, and the same goes for posting to </a></b></a>livsins_tonleik I just don't have the time.
Focusing so much on school really paid out in the end as my grade average rose from C+ to B =) I eventually had to stop posting to livsins_tonleik  altogether. But creating livsinstonleik a community will hopefully go better, giving other people the opportunity to post as well.

> September

Yes, I'm scared and I'm really excited, but mostly I just feel ready. I'm turning 18 in three weeks (wow! is that it?) and I think it's about time I move out, grow up and learn to be a capable human being
Seems like ages ago. Now I'm all settled in and grown up.... well the latter is far from true, but I have grown A LOT since leaving home and moving in.

> October
I'm off to my new apartment and it's gonna take a few days to set the Internet up so don't be offended if you've commented or sent me a message and I don't answer.
Not really meaningful in itself, but it was the day that I moved in, and therefore has a lot of meaning to me :)

> November

Watching the US election is so exciting even though nothing is really happening now... I can't wait to see the result. I hope to a God I don't believe in that Obama wins.
Obama did win, thank 'God'!

> December

I've got two words for you:

Permanent account
Yes, that is the most meaningful thing I wrote about in december... deal with it!


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