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Time after time!

Hi everybody!

So, I don't really know what to write here, but I'll try anyway.

I'm flying home to Denmark in two weeks, and I am so excited. Now I just need the time to pass really really fast, which it of course never does when you need it to.

Like when I was waiting for X-Men 3 to premiere, and I had a countdown and all sorts of things, and it just seemed to take forever until we finally arrived at the cinema, and actually was waiting during the opening trailers the hardest part. When you're SO close, but not nearly there, it just aches!! So anyway... when I first started counting down for the premiere, there was like a hundred and fifty days or so, and it went so slowly. But my time here at the Faroe Islands has passed SO quickly. I don't think it's because waiting for the good stuff, makes the time go slower or waiting for the bad stuff makes it go slower. It's not like I haven't been aching to go home for several months, or anything. Because I have been more homesick than ever, and it was especially hard in the beginning.

I really think that NOT thinking about the time, makes it go faster.

If you have to sit at a table and do nothing for a minute, it goes terribly slow, but if you listen to a good song for a minute it goes really fast. If you play a sport for a minute, it goes really fast, but you still manage to do a lot of things, because every second counts.

And now I have just wasted about 230 seconds of my life, writing this blog, but I don't care... At least there will be 230 seconds less 'till I go to Denmark... =)



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