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It started off with me having this really weird Twilight dream. I have never even READ Twilight (although I definitely have to now), but the entire internet is so hyped up about the books and the upcoming movie, that I have been sort of following and it has gained my interest. It's only because RPattz is in it, though. Oh yeah, and he's a vampire.

On the the dream: I was the main character whatshername and I met RPattz or Edward Cullen as he's called in the movie. Oh my god! Was he smokin' or what? He didn't look anything like the promo pictures I've seen, he actually looked like a vampire (fangs, dark clothes and a black/scarlett cape). My oh my! He was all I could think about when I woke up. Then the next thing happened.

I was going to take a shower, so I got up early and went to the bathroom. The lights didn't work for some reason and the water was cold! No shower for me. My hair was really greasy so I had to put it up in this fugly half ponytail-thing. It did not look pretty I tell ya that!

Then I spilt tooth paste on my shirt!

Then I went to school. Nuff said.

Then I went to the library. That was alright. I found out that if my teacher will allow it I'm going to write about John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Lucas has talked about and quoted from it. Sawyer has talked about and quoted from it. I have to read it. And it is one of those books you could write an assignment on.

Then I went to work and confused broccoli with cauliflower! *facepalm*

But the register balanced...

Then I got home and the water was still cold. There must be something wrong with the water heater...
So I had to go to my uncle's to take a shower. He lives next door. But we don't talk, really... I used to be real close to his son, my cousin, and then we just grew apart, I guess, and now we only see eachother on special occasions or emegencies like this one...

Now I'm here and I should be doing my homework. I still have a pending Danish assignment for Thursday that I haven't finished. I just now I'm going to be sitting up late wednesday night B****ing about why I didn't finish it earlier...

That's it. That's all

In the words of Garfield: "I hate mondays!"


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