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Well first of all I hope everyone had a merry christmas, and I wish you all a happy new year ^_^

The 21st I went with my cousin to school, where I went last year. The last week before christmas they always to these projects, drama, music, art and such and this friday they showed the results and products of the projects (am I making any sense here?) So it was the perfect day to visit. I was really great seeing everybody again and seeing the school again, too. It reminded me of why I didn't stay actually... As I've probably mentioned earlier IT'S SMALL. And very old. Anyways, although I saw most of the students at the Yule Ball, there were still some (including to of my best friends) that I hadn't seen at the ball so it was really great meeting them. The teachers were also excited about seeing me again, a fact which I am very ... well, it's weird but I actually like it. On some level I like being a teacher's pet, but whenever somebody else is, I get so pissed!

The best thing, the absolute height of the day, was that fact that my former crush actually talked to me and welcomed me back. He asked how things were going and what school in DK was like. He actually said my name! *flails* It was really nice knowing that he remembered me and that I had had some impact on him. I used to think that I had been totally invisible to him, but now I know better :)  I only wish I had asked about him too, but my social skills are once again proved to be very poor!

 Now, christmas eve:
It was nice, cosy and sort of christmas'y... I got some great present, whereof the best were One Tree Hill season 1 on DVD =) and the Led Zeppelin CD Mothership. It's totally awesome :) I'm very grateful for the rest of my presents too, but those two... *flails again*

Yesterday we went to church (It was horrible!) and ate at my uncle's :) Great food, kudos to Marit :)

Today I was, for some reason not even I know, in a foul mood and the fact that we had to go to this christmas event-thing at the local mission house didn't help! The finally got me dragged along but I refused to wear a dress and they couldn't make me wear one of Helen's outfits either. I won't wear Helen's clothes, because she is such a pretty girl and perfectly built so everything looks good on her, and although we use the same size in clothes she looks so much better in them, and I just know that I wear her clothes it'll be all the more obvious.

Tomorrow Supernatural is returning to TV3 and I can't wait! I only hope that we don't have anywhere to go (in my head christmas is all about staying at home for days doing absolutely nothing, my aunt is of a different opinion!) and that my grandfather will let me watch it.


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Jan. 6th, 2008 06:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Jo and Dulce
I don't mind you commenting here at all :D
Several people have not been able to answer messages, I don't know what's wrong??

On the gays; Yes that was all. Imo I think your interpretation makes more sense, given the old fashioned 'environment' if you will :)

Oh, I can't wait to read the novel. I sort of knew you wouldn't answer my question directly, but you can't blame a girl for trying ;)

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