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Random thoughts

I don't really have anything interesting to say (That's seems to be a reoccurring problem!)...

My best friend is starting at a new school tomorrow, but I'm not starting until the 21st, so... still have a lot of vacation left =) But really all I want to do now is get it over and done with. I can't wait to start again, I'm so excited!

I recently moved some furniture around in my room, but I still haven't managed to place all of my crap stuff, so my room is a mess right now.

I want to put some thoughts out there about this new Strikethrough thing, Lj has been doing for the past days. I don't really know where to stand on it, and I can't pretend to know what it's all about, but as far as I have understood it, LiveJournal has been deleting some journals because of material (fanfics, images and so on...) that included people under 18 having some form of sex, which LJ found inappropriate. Hope I'm getting this right...

So a lot of communities are in an uproar, and here's what I'm thinking. LJ is deleting entire journals because of images of people having sex. Couldn't they just give some kind of warning? Make the people delete said images or fanfics or whatever? And if they didn't delete it, maybe the journal could be deleted.

On the other hand, all of these people are 'protesting' because they want their right to put out material about under-aged sex?? Now, I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, but it seems a little perverse...

But, I'm not saying I think all that material and the people who put it on LJ should be BANNED!!! That is crossing the line. I guess, I think each case should be evaluated and if considered inappropriate the material could be removed. But NOT the journal! Then people could link it to somewhere else and everybody would be (somewhat) happy...

I don't think this made any sense, but this is my opinion on the case, and it felt good to get it out =)



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